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I'm STILL alive. Stranger things have happened I guess....

Life continues on apace. Farm life is busy, and random, and stressful and peaceful at the same time. We're in a catastrophic fire danger zone at the moment, so life has been a bit terrifying. We've spent the last week under a pall of smoke, cutting firebreaks, pumping water up from the dams, and doing pretty much everything we can to make it safe. Thank GOD it's raining today, its the first day I haven't been stressed, and of course now I am totally exhausted. But, life is still good.

The best news is: I HAVE A SURGERY CONSULTATION IN MAY. Yay, boob loppings! It'll be back in Christchurch, so I get a weekend at home, and a whole month when I have my surgery in September. I'm secretly glad my Mum will be able to look after me :P

Well, that was my main news, now I have to go and feed the juggernaut of animals, and dry a soggy lamb with a hairdryer. Yay!

I finally did it!
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Moved countries, that is.
Farm life is a huge change, but one that I needed. It's bloody hard work - being summer, we tend to work when it's light, so approx 6am (coffee before work, always) to 8pm. At the moment we're building a new chookhouse and enclosure, rewiring some fences, slashing paddocks to reduce fire risk, hauling firewood, and starting to mark out where the veranda will go on the house extension. There is a list of things to do as long as my arm, and we've split them up into 2 person jobs and 1 person jobs...that way we can always work depending on our mood.

My mate Psalm has Aspergers, so we're working really hard on communicating well. He's still learning how I think and what might piss me off, and vice versa. Generally though, we work really really well together. I think he's chuffed to have a guy mate around to be immature with. He can get it out of his system while his partner is working in Sydney during the week, and (theoretically) stop giggling at stuff like Hormone Rooting Gel during the weekends when she's home.

We are in the middle of nowhere. Really. There are 12 people in the Paupong area, spread over 3 farms, all of which are huge. This one is 2500 acres and it's the smallest. As Psalm points out though, it's more of an estate. One of the neighbours is basically the epitome of the Man From Snowy River, and he runs a few hundred sheep in our paddocks, but other than that it's just one huge wildlife reserve really. Regularly spotted animals include wombats, foxes, kangaroos, wallabies, deer, pigs and dingoes (scaaaary). Psalm and his partner are animal lovers and refuse to let anyone on the property to shoot, although the pigs are becoming a problem. Aside from the native wildlife, we enjoy the company of 4 dogs (Maddy the Helpie - kelpie heeler cross, Tobin the mastiff, Spanner the kelpie and Ella the baby kelpie). Ella is my puppy. Training a sheep dog is a tough task, they're naturally arrogant and hyperfocus on things which makes it hard to get them to listen. But, we're making progress. She actually seems more interested in mustering me than sheep, and shows an interest in cattle too, even though they're 50 times her size. Oh, and there are cats - Weasel and Dax. We are getting 2 horses and 3 alpacas soon....eep.

Cilla is settling in really well. She adjusted to being an inside cat pretty quickly, which makes me happy. Once the chookhouse is done, we're going to put a cat flap through to that from her so she can flit between where I sleep and having an enclosed outside bit to watch me from. Meantime, I've been taking her outside for supervised time for a bit each day. It's not that I think she'll run away, but it's snake season here, and Australia has 23 of the 25 most deadly snakes in the world.

Getting used to the fact that everything in Australia will try to kill me is interesting. No wearing shorts in long grass. Actually, avoid long grass altogether if possible. No going near water after dawn on a hot day, unless you make one hell of a racket. Assume that every spider will kill you. Never lift anything off the ground unless you lift the edge farthest from you first - snakes like to hide under stuff in the grass. Pretty much every ant has a nasty bite. Centipedes are toxic. There is even a poisonous tree that is deadly. There's one on the property, yaaaaay!

I am gearing up to post pictures.

In conclusion: I am HAPPY. I wondered if that would ever happen...

Soooo this is what I've been up to ;)
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I love how I'm 31 and still don't know what's best for me....
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I've been so busy trying to keep the depression at bay, that I totally lost my perspective. I know better than that. Well, I thought I did....keeping busy does work a lot of the time, but it's draining as all hell.
It's been one hell of a week. My workmate had a heart attack yesterday and is in the ICU. He's on the logistics team with me. There are only seven of us, and we're like family. Other than that, I haven't had a lot of energy, I've grown sick of doing the same 12 exercise DVDs so I didn't get up early in the morning once this week. I did make it to my pole classes and such, but only barely.

This evening, I realised why I'm tired. I'm sitting on the porch with Cilla, coffee and book, listening to Solomon Burke LPs, and realised I just haven't been doing enough of that. I haven't even had time to think, and as a result have been doing that late at night instead of sleeping. More down time required.

I may learn eventually....

More stuff!
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Hmmmm LJ suggested I write about makeup again. Maybe I should take a hint :|

It's been an oddly eventful week. Nothing major has happened, but it's pretty random.

1. We got a new piece of machinery for testing finished units, and it's actually called the Vibrator. This spawned all sorts of filthy jokes, and culminated in me printing out fliers saying 'bring this coupon and pay only 90c for 30sec on the Vibrator. Bookings essential, group bookings available' and putting them on every windscreen in our company's carpark. Such fun!

2. I managed to smack myself in the face with a crowbar at work, and got told off for swearing.

3. I am still bemused by my recent facial hair acceleration. I also think I still look like a girl (even though I don't). I've noticed a lot of grey at the temples though, so I guess it evens out. I think anyone living in Christchurch over the last 2 years has grey hair. The 2 year anniversary of the first Big Fucking Earthquake is in a few days. Crazy.

4. We had Daffodil Day at work today. I made pina colada cupcakes and they were FAB. Will post pics when I upload them. They were oh so pretty. Unfortunately they're what I had for breakfast this morning, followed by cake and cookies for lunch and afternoon tea, so I felt a bit like shit when I got home. I've eaten a real dinner now and feel SO much better.

5. I've started going running, and actually enjoying it. I think the main thing for me is to always run with someone else, or I'll give up. One of my mates is about the same fitness level as me, and he's great to run with. We talk about all sorts of shit - transitioning, relationships, money etc.

Two posts in a week...this is odd...

Homo sausage!
Ok that was weird - as I typed in 'Stuff' as the subject, LJ suggested I make it 'makeup stuff'....when in the hell did I use THAT as a subject for an entry?? I guess it's not THAT unlikely.....


Disclaimer: none of these paragraphs are related to each other. I don't care.

I really do mean to post more, but 90% of the people on LJ say that these days. I think I'm so busy living and trying to keep my shit together that I just don't bother to update as often as I'd like.

Winter has been affecting me a lot this year. It hasn't even been that cold, but we've had an exceptional number of windy, overcast days. I love clear frosty mornings, but there haven't really been many of those. I always find it harder to do stuff in the winter, so I try to counter it by making sure I have lots of things to do that require me to be in a specific place at a specific time. I've been at the pole studio four times a week and at Qtopia with the queer kiddies once a week. I think it's helped. I think that if I let it, depression would be kicking my ass right now. So, I won't let it. But it sucks sometimes. I have this theory that it will probably never go away, but I won't let that stop me from enjoying my life. It makes sense in my head...

I'm in a great mood at the moment - I have a lovely girlfriend and we've just had two days of glorious weather - sunny and about 15 degrees. I got all my laundry and cleaning done, washed my car, went for a run, mowed the lawns, took a nap, read two novels, and went to the op shop. I always seem to get less sleep during the weekend, so try to nap a little each day if I can, or at least have some rest time. I've definitely been pushing my body too hard these last couple of weeks, and I feel like an old man. I've just gone up a level at poledancing, and the moves are harder and require more strength and flexibility. It's a new challenge but DAMN I'm feeling it. I have bruises on the tops of my feet, behind my knees, on my inner thighs, butt, inside my elbows and on my neck. GAH! It's worth it though.

For some reason, my facial hair has started to come in quite nicely in the last month or so. It's still pretty sparse, but I now have hope that one day I will be able to choose if I have a beard or not. Unfortunately my goatee has lots of red in it when I grow it, and Mum has been mercilessly taking the piss out of me for it.

The animals are...the animals. Cilla is a nightmare, but I love her dearly. Her latest game is to jump up into my wardrobe, then leap onto my stomach in the middle of the night from about 7ft up. Fun times. She is so affectionate and snuggly though, so her bitchiness is worth it. I always wanted a cat who will sit on my lap and sleep on my bed. Well, she sleeps IN my bed. Close enough. Saffron is still antisocial but allows me to feed her and occasionally pat her. Our half-a-cat Ziggy is hilarious. I think he spends more time here than he does at his real house. I have a chat with his owners every couple of weeks - if he's been here constantly I call and let them know that he's fine and is getting good quality food. A few weeks ago he got beat up, so we had to take him home so they could take him to the vet. He is such a lovely boy though, sweet and affectionate, and a pansy.

This week's challenge is making pina colada cupcakes with daffodils on top that are made from dried pineapple slices. It's Daffodil Day on Friday, and everyone has to bring something for morning tea at work. If they turn out well, there will be pictures. In theory it looks easy.....even Martha Stewart can do it.

Well, that's probably the most I've written in months. I'm currently in bed watching true crime stuff on youtube, and reading the oh so trashy That's Life magazine. Perfect Sunday night!

Time flies.....
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Two years on the man juice already! Crazy.
Pictures and video here!Collapse )

Sporadic update
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I am so shit at this updating thing...but hey, at least I'm doing it now :P

-I'm sick of my job. I enjoy the work but it's pretty thankless really, and the pay is shit. If I stayed there's a good chance I'd move into the office and start doing planning and purchasing. It'd be a definite improvement and sometimes I'm tempted...but I'm definitely moving to Australia. If I work my ass off over there doing farm work and shearing and stuff, I can fund some travel as well as saving for my surgery. And honestly, after the last couple of years, I NEED the peace and quiet.

-Relationship status is good. I'm currently dating a lovely woman..and I can say with all honesty that it's the best, most healthy relationship I've had. It's not perfect, but it's good, with a solid foundation. AND, my parents like her! I have some processing to do around some aspects, which I might do here if I get around to it.

-Health is pretty good. I'm still constantly tired, but am going back to the doctor to talk about my sleeping again. Testosterone is...testosterone. Changes are still coming along. I'm pretty scruffy if I don't shave these days, but it's still a very teenage beard. Exercise is still happening. I'm still working to build the muscle that I want, and am getting there slowly. I hate that eating well is quite expensive though, and sometimes I have to compromise on my food sometimes.

-The cats are batshit. Totally. Cilla is a horror, but very sweet at the same time. Saffron is mellowing in her old age, and actually spends some time inside these days. Occasionally I'm allowed to get within 10ft of her.

Aaaaand, I can't think of anything else!

I'm famous!
Homo sausage!

Another sporadic update
Homo sausage!
Life is still average. Not spectacular, but not terrible either.

My job is challenging, in both good and bad ways. The actual job is great, I really do enjoy it. It's strange to enjoy my work. The organisation leaves a bit to be desired though. It's a typical contract business story - not much work at the moment so when people leave they don't replace them, because it's quiet. But, we've got a lot of work coming up and if they don't replace and train people soon, shit will hit the fan. Still, that's not my problem. I'm actually really enjoying working on my own, with a small team. I'm the dispatcher for the logistics team. There are five others on the team, but I'm the only person in outwards. I enjoy that. I get along with the rest of my team, which is nice.

Jam carries on and on and on. I've been given four huge bags of quince, so I've been making jam, paste, and baking. I'm trying to get it all preserved, baked or frozen before it goes off. It's also blackboy peach season, so there are those to contend with, given that we have two trees hanging over our fence. Twilight often finds Alex and myself skulking around parks leaning over folks fences to pick their fruit. I'm sure I'm going to get arrested one day, but it's in the name of jam.

Health and diet has been a bit slack. I've kind of fallen off the wagon, but am feeling like shit for it. I've decided to start the 90 day program again tomorrow - both diet and exercise components. I was almost through the second round of it, but really feel like I didn't give it my best. That and my two years on testosterone anniversary is in 3 months, and I would like to look awesome for that so I can do a celebratory photo shoot. I can't believe it's been that long already...geez. I also can't believe I turn 31 this year.

I'm still planning to move to Australia, and have finally grown some balls and discussed it with Alex. I'm aiming for September/October. It's a perfect opportunity to a) be happy and b) save the money for my chest surgery and enjoy every second of it. VERY excited to be going. It's time for a change.

And that's my boring life. Bonus bullet points:

-I'm strangely addicted to watching the eerily pale woman on Cold Case. We're on an unlimited bandwidth trial so I'm making the most of that, and watching zillions of things online. I've also found several series of real crime documentaries and am now hooked.

-I'm also addicted to wearing a pair of ratty old trackpants I got at the Charity Barn for 30c. I'm turning into a slob around the house.

-I've had One Direction's song What Makes You Beautiful stuck in my head for three days. FAIL. I HATE THEM.

-Third cat has pretty much officially moved in. Now I know how ladycelia feels. I have three similar personalities to her cats. Scream. Lord Spikerton still makes sporadic appearances, including scuttling between my legs during my yoga workout the other day at 4.30am. Scared ten colours of dung out of me. I also stood on him the other day, the little shit was hiding by the fridge.



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